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Hey everyone. College is a very interesting place... You people should really go there.
A while ago I met this guy Sam. We talk more now and he is a really nice and yet cool guy. I really hope we stay friends when he heads off. Really wish he would stay here but I really don't think that would happen... He is my really true first friend here that I don't mind hanging out with at all. He is better than Arther any day of the week.
Well there really isn't much to talk about. Well I'm most likely going to have a job at the Manchester Wal-Mart! Working part-time as a cashier. YAY MONEY! Maybe I can get my tattoo finally. Wanna see it? My tattoo I want the tattoo between my shoulder blades and a little above it. It will look cool though.
Well I hope to get that soon... Well I'm going. See ya!
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