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Hey everyone. I don't have much time to update this because I have to head to class soon. I just got let out of class early so I decided to update my LJ because I'm bored. Isn't that always good. Well Derek was supost to come up on Tuesday but now he isn't. I'm quite disapointed. It seems like everytime we make plans for something it is always getting thrown out. I really don't know why I do make plans any more with him.
Well right now I am thinking about moving down to WV because right now I really have no reason to stay up here besides my education here at Hesser College. So if Fairmont Colllege doesn't accept me I'm just going to finish my last year here then I'm going to defently move down to WV. I really have no reason to stay up here. Unless someone can give me a good enough reason to stay here, and it has to be a damn good reason. I'm just getting sick of getting stood up by people and shot down by them. So I would like to start my life all over again with new people at some place new. Then maybe I will find a guy who seems like he cares for me a little more than some people. Even though that probably won't happen at all because my life just sucks that way.
Well I guess school has been going good. Well the best as it can get. I'm heading home for Thanksgiving break this Wed. I really can't wait. I just need to go home for a long period of time for some reason... I just have been really emotional latly for some reason. But a good thing is that I got my pay check from Wal-Mart so I can pay for my bills now. Well I'm going to see if I can have my Tattoo added on to a bit. But not much. I just want to get mother and father to the left and the right of my Ankh. I really don't care what people think I like it.
Well I got to head to class now. I don't want to be late now do I.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. (Yeah I know it is early for that, but I don't think I'll be updating for a while now... I thinking a vented enough for now.)
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