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omg!!! we have the internerd!! love, cassy. (p.s., here's ashley!):

Well as you can see we finally have the internet back in our room. Took us a few days but we finally got it. It is so nice because we have entertainment! We got our TV taken from us... Well not really it wasn't our TV it was Ali's so she took it back because she got cable... I WANT TO PLAY GAMES! Ekk! This is so bad... So now I must entertain myself online some how... So if anyone has any good websites to go on please do tell me!
Some of my friends sometime should come down here and hangout with me for a day or something! You can come to my classes! We could have fun!
Well I miss Adam and Jason already.... but I also miss Derek.... So I must hangout with them sometime.
Yeah sorry I don't update that much anymore. Nothing in my life is that important to update my journal! HAHA it's ok. Well at least I updated...
Oh another good thing is that Derek said he is going to bring me to the Anime Boston of 2005. Well I really do hope so. I really hope he isn't lying because if he is I'm going to upset...
Well I'm going to go now because I need to entertain myself. See ya!
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