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Holy crap! Yeah I said it! Holy crap! I'm UPDATING!!!! Da na! It is the end of world! I really don't know what to write because it has been so long... Besides a lot of stuff has been happening to me in the past month... Well lets start off here! For the people who don't know I moved to Penacook, NH. I'm currently living there with my mom but she left and she won't be back for 4 months. So I get the apartment to myself! I wish it was more exciting... But I really don't have to many friends that will come visit me. Unless I pick them up, and I really can't keep doing this because my car has enough problems at is. I hope to have a job soon so I can pay for stuff to work on my anime costumes that I need to do! I was working on my Aisha costume but that stopped and now I'm working on Vash but I want to do a proto type. But then I would have 2! One cloth and one marine vinal! Well you can check out my website at not quite much there but there is some stuff. I do hope to get my butt in gear to work on it more and my costumes also! Moving on... Sometime this summer my friend Mike from ME is coming down to see me! I really can't wait till I meet him! He seems like such a sweet heart! But I can't really tell till I meet him in person. Yeah a long time ago my sister moved to PA and I miss her SO! :( I have been trying to stay busy doing things... I got Diablo II and I just have been playing that a lot now too! I have one charater that is level 16 and my main charater that is level 25 I think... Plus I'm up to Act V already too! My friend helped me too though, but after the last act I plan on going threw and doing it all over again with the same charater to gain more exp. to level up. But I guess that is all for now! Maybe I'll update again soon! But I can't promise anything!
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